What is CREIA and What Does it do for Home Inspectors in Temecula?

With all the home inspectors Temecula real estate buyers and sellers can potentially choose to inspect a property they’re planning on buying or selling, how do you know which ones are best? One factor that should always be considered first is whether they are CREIA certified. The California Real Estate Inspection Association, better known as CREIA, is the leading organization of certified real estate inspectors in the state. It offers a Standards of Practice that inspectors from Temecula to Trinidad should always follow, and knowing that your inspector lives up to these standards should give you peace of mind. As a CREIA Certified Home Inspector, Russco Owner Craig Russell is proud to be an active member of this state-wide association. Keep reading to learn more about what CREIA is, what it does, and what this means for you as a real estate buyer, seller, or professional.

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Just What is CREIA?

CREIA was founded in 1976 as a non-profit trade association for home inspectors in the State of California. There are eight chapters of the association dispersed throughout the state, a board of directors consisting of five state directors and six regional directors, and various standing committees that report to the board. The association has thrived as a member-driven organization, and continues to provide educational opportunities so members can learn more about new technologies such as thermal inspection Temecula clients might be interested in. With a core purpose of protecting lives, health and investments – and core values including integrity, competence, belonging and passion – it is the leading organization for California property inspectors and those interested in working with them.

What Does CREIA Do?

The California Real Estate Inspection Association is on a mission to represent the property inspection industry, promote property inspection as a unique and professional discipline, provide leadership through education and ethical/technical standards, enhance consumer protection, and promote public awareness of the association. CREIA also provides opportunities for its members to network, both locally and state-wide. More importantly, the association takes pride in being unsurpassed in the industry in terms of the testing, training/education requirements, performance standards, and code of ethics required of its members. California Law even mentions the association as a benchmark of quality in its industry, and membership is a benchmark of quality for consumers.

From standard home inspection to thermal imaging home inspection Temecula property buyers and sellers can always be sure they’re getting an honest, thorough, high-quality examination of the property in question when they turn to a CREIA member. This association remains the shining beacon in the real estate inspection industry.