Thermal Imaging: Home Inspectors Technology

When in the market for home inspectors Oceanside property buyers and sellers have several services and service providers to choose from. After finding a service provider such as Russco Home Inspection – known for excellent customer service and a family-owned-and-operated model – property buyers and sellers might still not know what services are available. When […]

Understanding CREIA Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors in San Diego

Although there are plenty of home inspectors San Diego real estate buyers and sellers shouldn’t trust just anyone. Whether they’re looking for a standard home inspection or a thermal imaging home inspection San Diego property buyers and sellers should always be sure their inspector is CREIA certified. The California Real Estate Inspection Association is the […]

What is CREIA and What Does it do for Home Inspectors in Temecula?

With all the home inspectors Temecula real estate buyers and sellers can potentially choose to inspect a property they’re planning on buying or selling, how do you know which ones are best? One factor that should always be considered first is whether they are CREIA certified. The California Real Estate Inspection Association, better known as […]

How to Spot a Bad Home Inspector (and Find a Good One!)

With so many competing home inspectors San Diego property buyers and sellers may find it hard to find the right service provider for their needs. While a home inspection is not required for all home buyers and sellers, mortgage lenders often require them before providing a loan to a potential buyer and they can be […]

What Is Thermal Inspection Technology, and How Is It Used?

When looking for home inspectors Temecula residents have many options, but not all inspectors are created equal. In fact, some home inspection service providers are not even certified by a respected professional organization. Another factor that sets the best home inspectors apart from the rest is access to the latest technologies available for this industry. […]

5 Common Property Problems Found During Home Inspections

After the initial home inspection, Murrieta homebuyers often assume their property won’t need to be professionally inspected again until they sell it. This is not always the case, though. If you need to assess the property’s value to secure a loan, for example, or have simply lived in the home for many years and need […]

Don’t Think You Need a Home Inspection? Common Issues That May Change Your Mind

Without a professional property inspection, Temecula home buyers would be in the dark about many of the problems potentially hiding inside their big investment. But home inspections aren’t only good for buyers. Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, currently maintaining a property or assisting clients as a real estate professional, you ought to […]

Top House Inspector’s Finds from Various Building Periods

A professional house inspector is always going to be the best person to tell you whether there are problems with a home. Whether you currently own a home, or are considering purchasing one, this is an essential step. And as most professional inspectors will tell you, the year a home was built will often be […]

5 Common Enemies Found in Home Inspections

There are many reasons why both home buyers and home sellers should be glad to get a professional home inspection before continuing with a real estate transaction. Ultimately, it all comes down to being informed and aware in order to avoid some of the worst enemies of a safe and sound home. In fact, homeowners […]

The Big Benefits of a Pre-listing Property Inspection

Most people think of home buyers when they think about property inspection. Temecula home sellers are opting for pre-listing inspections more and more these days, though, because a bad home inspection can drive a good buyer away in no time. So, if you’re trying to cut costs as you prepare to put your property on […]