The Big Benefits of a Pre-listing Property Inspection

Most people think of home buyers when they think about property inspection. Temecula home sellers are opting for pre-listing inspections more and more these days, though, because a bad home inspection can drive a good buyer away in no time. So, if you’re trying to cut costs as you prepare to put your property on the market, make sure not to cut out the pre-listing home inspection. Temecula home sellers can benefit from a pre-listing property inspection in several ways:

Property Inspection

Pre-Inspections Keep Sellers Informed

Sellers are simply more informed when they hire their own Certified Property Inspector. Temecula home sellers can either rest assured that their home is in tip-top shape, or take the time to decide what to do if they should find anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. If you’re in a hurry, for example, you might prefer to reduce the asking price rather than arranging for the repairs yourself.

A Pre-Inspection Can Save Money in the End

If cost is more an issue for you, a pre-inspection can also help you control your budget as you prepare to sell your home. You can take the time to shop around for a cost-effective contractor or replacement item should your inspector find any issues. The information from this home inspection allows sellers to determine how much they need to invest before selling their home and determine a solid budget. With expert advice from a realtor on how much to list the property for, you can get a pretty accurate picture of the financial future to expect once the sale is complete.

It Puts Power in the Seller’s Hands

In most real estate transactions, the buyers have the upper hand when it comes to the inspection. Anything negative that shows up during the inspection could potentially end a transaction that’s otherwise going smoothly, or serve as a bargaining tool allowing buyers to negotiate a much lower price. If you hire a professional inspector yourself ahead of time, you take back some control and give yourself time to find a good price on a contractor of your choice should you find anything that needs fixing.

Hopefully these three reasons are enough to convince you of the benefits of a pre-sale home inspection. Temecula home sellers are simply in a better position when they take this crucial step

Home Inspection Facts Homebuyers Need to Know

If you’re buying a home for the first time, you may have heard about something called a home inspection. In fact, if you’re going to purchase a new home with a mortgage loan, your lender probably even requires it. So what is a home inspection? As the name implies, it is an examination of a home – potentially your home. Those buying a new home, as well as those selling a home, can benefit from inspections. They are particularly useful with current technology, such as the thermal inspection. Temecula homebuyers can easily purchase a “problem home” without the information provided from a professional inspection. Sellers can also determine what they need to fix before listing their home on the market thanks to the guidance of an inspector. Here’s what else you need to know:Thermal Home Inspection Services

Who Performs Home Inspections

Professional home inspections should always be performed by a trained and certified inspector. While there are some less-than-professional inspectors out there, it’s best to stick with one who has completed multiple training programs, been certified by professional accredited organizations, and who belongs to respected trade associations. There are a few widely recognized professional associations for home inspectors in the United States that provide opportunities for education, networking and training, such as CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).

And remember, a home inspector should not be confused with a real estate appraiser or building code compliance inspector. Your home inspector will not assess the value of the home or tell you whether it adheres to local building codes. Their job is to assess the condition of a building, and that’s all.

What You Should Expect

There are a few things you should expect with a home inspection. First of all, you should always look for an inspector that provides a thorough home inspection and uses thermal imaging when potential conditions are suspected. Temecula home buyers and sellers can learn a lot about moisture levels and energy loss from these thermal images, which they might not learn until it’s too late otherwise. And regardless of what kind of inspection you’re getting, your inspector should be prepared to deliver a written findings report in 24 hours. This will inform you of the condition of the home, whether you’re buying or selling.