Russco Home Inspection incorporates thermal camera technology when potential conditions are suspected.

Infrared thermography is the art and science of detecting, displaying and recording thermal patterns across surfaces that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Being able to see cold spots and hot spots helps identify conditions such as moisture intrusion, energy loss and heat abnormalities.

Moisture Intrusion: The use of thermal imaging can quickly find the cold areas that may indicate the presence of moisture. This is further confirmed by a professional moisture meter. If left undetected, moisture can cause serious damage to framing members, insulation and other building materials. It can also cause harmful organic bio growth inside wall cavities, ceiling, floors, etc.

Energy Loss: Thermal imaging can identify missing or collapsed insulation in wall cavities, ceiling and soffit areas causing energy loss. Lost energy is lost money.

Heat Abnormalities:

Thermal imaging can detect hot spots that may lead to failures in electrical and mechanical systems that can be a potential fire hazard to your home.

The infrared camera is used at the discretion of the inspector only to corroborate when there are visual signs of a condition. A whole house scan is not performed with a standard home inspection. If a client wishes a full scan of the home, additional charges will apply.